THe history

The Dale Oen Experienceis founded in the memory of one of Norway´s greatest athletes through all time – Alexander Dale Oen, World Champion in swimming who won gold for Norway short time after the terror hit our country the 22nd of July 2011. He dedicated his medal to the victims of this cruel act, and to all the young victims from all over our country.

The staff and partners of the Dale Oen Foundation want to honor his memory, and at the same time – as Alexander dit – rise to big challenges. Alexander showed us that no task is too big if you work hard. To be goal-oriented and motivated, building persistence and GRIT, is part of what The Dale Oen Experience teach the youth. That is what made Alex a gold-medallist in one of the toughest sports in the world. We claim that everyone can reach their goal, as long asthey are motivated from within, and work hard. 

The main focus for The Dale Oen Experience is to give opportunities to the young generation. Throughout the five last years a number of 55 000 youngsters have participated at different activities at The Dale Oen-centre. By letting our young generation from all around the world take part in activities and meet challenges, we aim to stimulate their talents and grow as human beings, preparing them not only to understand the world around them, but also being capable of solving some of the difficult tasks that humanity faces the next decades.