#YOUEXPLORE has a simple but important mission. #YOUEXPLORE will bring people out on the oceans, into history, into the arctic wilderness and the environmental threats to the pristine north, into science and technology of land, space and ocean explorations and beyond each participating explorer’s preconceptions. #YOUEXPLORE is exploring and sharing scientific data on the challenges of a changing environment in the arctic. #YOUEXPLORE brings explorers into the wild. #YOUEXPLORE embarks explorers and returns ambassadors of northern shores to shore.

#YOUEXPLORE operates two arctic sailing ships – both equipped for research and exploration below, on and above the chilling surface of the northern seas. #YOUEXPLORE brings people and technology together; operating drones, Remotely Operated Vehicles, hot-air balloon sensors and a plethora of other scientific equipment. #YOUEXPLORE accommodates a wide variety of scientist with access to the arctic and to otherwise inaccessible data – it is the purpose of #YOUEXPLORE to increase the rate of exploration of the north. This is done by lowering the bar for getting there safely.

 #YOEXPLORE is also giving any less scientifically inclined explorers access to remote areas in the arctic; #YOUEXPLORE believes that by bringing people closer to the arctic – people will keep the arctic closer as they return. By doing this #YOUEXPLORE is aiming to spread awareness and custodianship of these fragile areas. #YOUEXPLORE offers participants access to the most remote and pristine skiing in northern Norwegian fjords.    
#YOUEXPLORE also brings history to life – the Vikings were true explorers – tracing their expansion and engaging in the landscapes and the northern forefathers explored a thousand years ago brings history to life and remote locations into popular consciousness. #YOUEXPLORE offers unique perspectives through airborne and subsea drones, through local knowledge and through interaction with this challenging environment.

 #YOUEXPLORE brings youth into the wild and into science, technology and exploration. Aspiring explorers of budding generations are given a truly unique opportunity to engage with the Norwegian coastline. Youth are given an opportunity to learn practical skills required for surviving and learning in northern nature. Youth get to challenge themselves and to experience the thrill of overcoming challenges. Onboard our ships youth grow as people, they learn scientific and technological skills  - and they are returning to society as active protectors of the arctic north.

#YOUEXPLORE 1 and #YOUEXPLORE 2 are two arctic classed sailing ships. The #YOUEXPLORE crew will insure the safe operation of ship and equipment – but participants will be expected to participate in all aspects of the operations. #YOUEXPLORE is not a cruise – it is however an inclusive opportunity to learn everything between navigation and sailing, operations planning and execution, data sampling and research, arctic outdoors life and much more.

#YOUEXPLORE offers a range of different opportunities, depending on the season, in order to optimize our outreach in the northern environment. Whenever the #YOUEXPLORE ships are in operation they will be collecting scientific data en-route. This data is made available to scientific research institutions to increase our knowledge of environmental impacts in the north – participating explorers participate in these activities

push picture for vessels

push picture for vessels


February – March – April
During the winter months the #YOUEXPLORE vessels bring explorers to Lofoten and to Hjørundfjorden. The participants are taken on guided randonè hikes. Sailing into pristine fjords, hiking up dramatic peaks and sking down to the beach. This is skiing in its purest form. The scenery is unpresident and so are the experiences. During the week the participants will learn to navigate northern waters, and to safely navigate the steep hills and challenging snowconditions on the coast. Participants are of course treated to local cuisine of the freshest and best quality fish available anywhere. The set-schedule consists of one week experiences.

#YOUEXPLORE is happy to accommodate groups and to tailor unique ski+sail experiences. 


May – June
During spring and early summer the #YOUEXPLORE ships are tracking the Vikings in the Orkneys, Hebrides and Shetland. Whilst navigating the Norsemen’s waters and exploring the ancient harbours subsea with ROVs and inspecting the landscapes from above with drones the participants gets close and intimate with the intriguing world of the Viking.

#YOUEXPLORE facilitates guided trips with kayaks and mountainbikes and collaborates with local descendants of the ancient northern explorers and settlers. The Viking trail trips are also bringing participating explorers into the current challenges of these north-sea settlements and seeks to convey a historic, cultural and environmental engagement of these most remote islands. Set-Schedule trips are one week experiences. The ships will in early may end late June offer crossing of the North Sea as part of the experience. As always #YOEXPLORE is happy to customise experiences.


July – August
The mid-summer months are spent in Svalbard/Spitsbergen/Barents Sea. #YOUEXPLORE collaborates with a number of international scientific research institutions and bring scientists exploring plastic pollution, polar-bear habitat, geological processes, arctic ecology, climate change and a plethora of other subjects into the otherwise inaccessible arctic. The Vessels are equipped with ROVs drones, samplers, corers, sensors and seeks to provide not only an affordable access for more scientific projects – but also to get into the arctic in a environmentally neutral way.

#YOUEXPLORE welcomes explorers not associated with research institutions along on these voyages; in this way we aim to spread both practical knowledge, inspiration and awareness. #YOUEXPLORE is furthermore happy to assist aspiring explorers in defining, planning and execution research projects of their own design. Set Schedule trips are one week but as always #YOUEXPLORE is flexible and wish to customize experiences.



September – December
During the fall the #YOUEXPLORE ships are engaged in youth projects. Up and down the Norwegian mainland Youth is invited onboard to learn about themselves, about science and technology and about the challenges in the Norwegian Marine environment. The point of these trips are as much as to offer youth unique experiences to boost both interest, awareness and confidence as it is to teach practical skills. Youth onboard will get exposure to many things but will have a chance to learn on their own premises; if one is talented in one field one will get the opportunity to applye onself in this field.

#YOUEXPLORE seeks to build teams of individuals were everyone is good at something and here the capacity of the team is far greater then the sum of each and every participants talents. #YOUEXPLORE believes that by building confident and inspired youth the North will be better cared for going forward.

PRICE: 1350 EUR a day for the vessel + 35 EURO a day PP for food and drinks /1755 EUR PP Monday-Sunday (6 days)



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